Case study

1. Introduction

Housing Cooperative "Czechów" in Lublin has been modernizing it's corridor lighting system since May 2014. Before making a final decision what brand and model of LED ceiling lamps with motion sensor should be installed, thorough review and various tests had been performed. After collecting and reviewing all of above documentation management body of HC "Czechów" decided to implement LED ceiling lamps form Jatech Sp. z o.o. First stage was to install them on 4 staircases:

2. Problem to solve

Current system was based on linear fluorescent lamps (LFL) T12 type 36W and dusk to dawn automatic light control. Lighting of corridors were activated by usual on/ off switch and mentioned above dusk to dawn automatic light control which kept light on during all night. Such system was expensive mainly in terms of electricity bills. Other identified issues were:

3. Analysis

HS "Czechów" for measurement purposes uses one common electricity consumption meter both for elevators and corridor lighting. Due to that before attempting to assess the result of LED ceiling lamps Larissa COB2 13W implementation it was necessary to clean gathered data form elevator's impact on whole picture. To eliminate that distortions we used data form report prepared by European Commission regarding E4 project "Energy-Efficient Elevators and Escalators". Table on the right side comprises energy consumption in January 2014 (before modernization) and in January 2015 (after modernization).

4. Effects

The best result has been reached in building B - savings as high as 88%. The lowest impact has been recorded in building A due to renovation works in the building.

Specification Building A Building B Building C
Energy consumption in January 2014 801 kWh 456 kWh 353 kWh
Energy consumption in January 2015 284 kWh 53 kWh 73 kWh
Difference 517 kWh 403 kWh 280 kWh
Savings 65% 88% 79%

5. Solution

Installation of LED ceiling lamps Larissa COB2 13W with microwave motion sensor led to reach savings up to 88%. Moreover, HS "Czechów" benefits from other factors like:

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LED ceiling lamp Larissa COB2 13W

LED ceiling lamp Larissa COB2 13W

125 000 hours, 174lm/W...

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