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LED COB ceiling lamps

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Raster LED SMD

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We are delighted to offer you energy-saving ceiling lamps fitted with LED light sources and microwave (radar) motion sensors, to be installed on staircases and in corridors. The change in the corridor and staircase lighting systems we advise influences three aspects of their operation: cost, safety, reliability.

Before you make a decision on changing your lighting system, we suggest you take advantage of our proprietary calculating software. On the basis of data for a specific building, number of its residents, and the current lighting system specifications, we can carry out a meticulous simulation of the potential power savings and the period of time after which the investment pays off, taking fluctuations in power-supply prices into account.

If you wish to take advantage of a preferential loan to cover the cost of the investment, we can calculate your period of crediting, so that the loan is repaid fully from the funds saved thanks to the change in your lighting system.

We have lighting designed for offices which can be implemented without any interference in electric installation. On request, we can also provide non-standard LED lamps (decorative lighting, lighting management, etc.), as well as tailored projects (a hand-picked selection of ceiling lamps suited to individual Client's needs).


Electricity consumption is significantly reduced. Lamps turn on only when someone comes within their range, not along the entire hall or staircase (for details, please see our visualisations). LEDs can use as much as ten times less energy than traditional light bulbs, while at the same time providing you with a much longer service life. The above characteristics can reduce the energy consumption from a couple to several dozen times, compared with conventional lighting systems.


The lighting fixture turns on automatically when you enter the hall or staircase, leave the apartment or open the lift door, solving the problem of stumbling in the dark on the stairs or feeling around for the light switch. Due to extremely long life span of LED COB (approx. 125 000 hours) the risk of "burn out" of light source is reduced to minimum.


Using our new lighting system will allow you to eliminate the light switch installed near staircases. Frequent cycling on and off does not affect the life of LED lamps (contrary to fluorescent lamps), hence reducing the need for repairs.



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