We are delighted to introduce to you our range of ceiling lamps equipped with LEDs. Scientists claim that in the near future LED-based light sources will take the place of conventional incandescent and fluorescent lamps. It is advocated by their high energy efficiency and long service life, as well as eco-friendly technology. Dramatic increases in the costs of electricity, expected in the near future, will no longer affect your budget when you choose LED lights.


Ceiling lamps we have the pleasure to show you are manufactured according to our proprietary technology, which guarantees long and failsafe product life. Depending on applications we use following light sources technology:

  • SMD - segments, with independent power supply for each of them. This way, damage to one segment does not influence the operation of the others.

  • COB - advanced cutting-edge LEDs delivered by CITIZEN.


  • Our LED COB light sources lifespan reaches up to 125 000 hours (that is almost 14 years of constant lighting), which brings you new level of savings.

  • Contrary to traditional lighting, the number of times when the lamp is turned on has no influence whatsoever on the life of LED-light sources.

  • any of our LED fixtures are equipped with electronic microwave motion sensors which turn on the light only when someone enters their field of vision and turn it off automatically when no one is present.

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